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List of Items Every Youth Should Have When Leaving Care

Release of guardianship

The caseworker should assist the youth in obtaining or compiling the following documents necessary to function as an independent adult:

  • Identification card.
  • Social Security card.
  • Driver's license and/or State ID.
  • Medical records and documentation including, but not be limited to:
    • Health Passport.
    • Dental reports.
    • Immunization records.
    • Name and contact information for primary care physician, specialists working with the youth, name of OBGN if applicable.
  • Youth Driven Transition Plan form.
  • Education on HealthCare Power of Attorney, including signed certification on having received information and education regarding health care options.
  • Certified copy of birth certificate.
  • Documents and information on the youth's religious background.
  • U.S. documentation of immigration, citizenship or naturalization.
  • Death certificate if parent is deceased.
  • Medicaid card or other health eligibility documentation.
    Please note: the youth should be enrolled for medical benefits, or have applied for benefits one month prior to emancipation or case closure. DHFS will not accept an application for DCFS wards prior to 30 days before the youth's emancipation or case closure.
  • Life book or compilation of personal history and photographs.
  • List of known relatives, with relationships, addresses and telephone numbers (with the permission of the involved parties).
  • List of schools attended, previous placements, clinics used.
  • Educational records, such as high school diploma or general equivalency diploma.
  • Copy of the Court Order for Case Closure.
  • Résumé.
  • List of community resources with self-referral information.